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Beyond Container Orchestration | PaaS Is Full Choreography

When I talk to end users in my role as industry observer, I see confusion between container orchestration and PaaS. Some people seem to wrongly assume that the only thing PaaS does is orchestrate application containers. While PaaS takes care of container orchestration, it goes way beyond that to offer a developer interface similar to what IaaS offers IT Operations. With this in mind, I recently tweeted With PaaS, it is not about orchestrating the containers, it is choreography With recent announcements by leading public cloud providers in the past few weeks around offering container orchestration as a service, I thought this was a good time explain the difference between container … [Read More...]

When Open Source Foundation Makes Sense

Ever since open source took off in the enterprise market, we are seeing more and more vendors using open source as a marketing tool. One of the recent marketing strategies is to talk up the idea of open source foundations. Let me make it clear before I get beaten up on this statement. I am not saying that all the open source foundations are meaningless but I am arguing that more and more vendors are using the idea of a foundation as a way to gain open source credibility in today's enlightened world. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing. In a free market, anything is acceptable as long as it is not illegal. At the same time, free market works well when there is no information … [Read More...]

MBaaS and PaaS: Different Dance On The Same Data

For a long time I have been advocating that a good Platform as a Service offering should have MBaaS component. I have got push back from folks saying that it is not the case. I never argued that MBaaS is a feature of PaaS but it complements PaaS to make a complete application platform. There are some misconceptions that MBaaS abstracts away PaaS just like PaaS abstracts away IaaS. Rather, I see PaaS and MBaaS as peer services and together they make a good enterprise developer platform. MBaaS is fast becoming a hot market segment with more and more players jumping in to compete with upstarts like Parse, Kinvey, Appcelerator, etc.. Part of the reason for this boom is the mobile first … [Read More...]